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Insites Consulting: Who’s up NXT?

These past years Joeri Van den Bergh & the CoolBrands team have been inspiring and educating the world on how to market brands to young consumers. With more and more brands looking out for the post-Millennials or Generation Z, we felt the time was right for a cross-generational reality check! So in partnership with GMI we set up a new global research project in which we questioned Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y & Gen Z consumers, taking a closer look at what differentiates these new consumer generations in the market today from the post ones.

Our cross-generational study resulted in the brand-new Who’s up NXT story uncovering 7 consumer trends and 4 ways to make your brand future proof. Listen to Joeri Van den Bergh and discover the most remarkable differences and similarities between and across these generations to make your marketing and branding future proof.

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